Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally... our Halloween pictures

I never seem to get things up right away! BUT better late than never right. :)

I had a Hannah Montana (people asked if she was Lady Gaga a lot and she didn't care for that! I guess her wig was too blond), a Wow Wow Wubbzy and a Monkey. First thing we did was go to the mall.

Then we went to our church festival where Kaden played games,

and Meghan played games, 
and Kaden and Ellie pet the animals.

Ellie loved the animals! She stayed there the longest.

Meghan got her face painted.

They all did crafts.

After the festival we took them trick or treating. They had a blast and it was fun because the neighborhood really participated and there were lots of kids out. It was cool to see groups of neighbors out in front of a house with a fire, chatting and having fun.

Of course they got plenty of candy which is now being rationed out. :)


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