Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Home

So we finally moved into our own home again. (For those that don't know we have been living with my in laws for the last 8 months while my hubby found work and we figured everything out) My in laws made it possible for us to quickly come back to AZ. As much as we appreciate being able to come back "home", we are so happy to have our own place again. Right now everything is a mess of course. There are boxes being sorted and put away everywhere and from the looks of it I need a bookshelf STAT, but it feels good! Everyone seems to be happy about the arrangement as well. Ellie and Meghan are sharing a room and Ellie hasn't been fussy at bedtime at all. She goes to sleep pretty easily and I have to think that is because Meghan is in there with her. A bonus to that is Meghan has decided she likes to change diapers so when they wake up in the morning she just changes her, doesn't even tell me. Yesterday she changed a poopy one too! Ellie has also only been waking up once at night so that is a huge improvement. Hopefully she continues and maybe she might stop waking at all... I can hope. I was concerned also that Kaden wouldn't like having his own room because he had been sharing with Meghan and he isn't always the best at accepting change. He has gone to bed pretty easily and fell asleep quickly as well.
So all in all a great week here and then we get Thanksgiving dinner too. YAY We are blessed!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I am so excited for you guys! We miss you. I've seen some really nice bookshelves free on craigslist. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Bonnie said...

Thanks Tina! I will check out craigslist. You have a great Thanksgiving too!

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