Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Since we just moved again I have been thinking about the toy situation. I have slowly been weeding out some toys that either the kids are too old for or things they don't play with. I also like the idea of rotating toys so they get "new" things to play with every so often as well. My thoughts though have been turning to things that aren't toys. I don't think they need a million new toys for Christmas, because then not long after that they each have a birthday. So some gift ideas I am contemplating for my kiddo's...

Board games- we have a lot of games but I like games. They have to play together and think about how to play and win. I also like the Wii games and there are learning type games for that too.

Memberships- We have a couple zoo's close and the Science Center. I might look into those. This would provide year long fun and learning! (With the added bonus of taking up no space. :))

Movie tickets or memberships- I don't know if they have any sort of membership but I would love to take the kids to a movie once in a while. I will be looking into that. This could be extended to trips to the bounce house places like Bounce U and to roller skating or ice skating.

Classes- Meghan has been asking for a lot of different classes. I haven't had time to find any close yet but I will look into it. She has most recently asked about ballet and acting classes. Kaden would probably love a gymnastics class.

Hmmm I am still thinking about this but I am really interested in things that we won't accumulate more "stuff". Since we home school also I love ideas that give us things to do all year long.

Do you have any ideas for gifts that are not toys? Please share!


Shannon said...

Ben wanted the Batman Trios, so we are buying him that set. Faith wanted the Playmobil Pyramid, so we are getting her parts of that and my parents are filling in the rest.

I got her Perler beads since she loves making them, a couple of easy science kits, and some books. We have a membership to the local science place and our other one just ended, but I'm not ready to renew yet. Thinking about ice skating lessons ...

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