Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Taco Night (Giveaway)

I don't know about everyone but in our family we have a lot of taco's. I am not sure if it is the area we live in, the southwest, or if it's just because it is an easy meal. It's just one of those things that are easy and fast to throw together and always yummy. I love to get a lot of toppings together too. It's more fun to build your own food for kids. :)

To encourage "Family Taco Nights" Old El Paso (and MyBlogSpark) is giving away a lovely little prize package! Should you win, your package includes these two plastic serving containers, a package of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix AND a $10.00 gift card to buy the rest of your taco fixings!

They graciously provided one for my family as well! Here is the taco seasoning at work. It has all the seasoning you need right in the package and makes taco nights even faster! (Yes, I made it in a wok. Shhh it's ok) :)

Here are a couple fun recipes to try with your Old El Paso products.
Chicken Ranch Taco's I love chicken taco's!

You could really go crazy with this. Here is a fun game to play that goes along with the theme.

Depending on your kids ages you could do a craft. I know mine love crafts.

What about dessert??? Mexican Wedding Cookies

Okay now for your chance to win this prize from Old El Paso and MyBlogSpark.
You have two options to enter. Do one or do both.

#1 Become a follower of this blog. Post a comment letting me know you are a follower.
#2 Let me know what your favorite taco recipe or other Mexican food recipe is, or your favorite taco topping, maybe share the recipe or a link to it? :)

Now go! and Good Luck!


JC said...

I'm a follower
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

JC said...

As for toppings, I like avocado, lettuce, cheese and ground turkey.

Mami2jcn said...

I love avocado and diced tomato on my taco.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Karin said...

I like seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheese, chopped onions, and taco sauce on mine.


Cheryl said...

I follow your blog via Google Friends Connect.


Cheryl said...

One of my favorite mexican recipes is Taco Dip (aka 7 layer dip)


I am making 2 bowls of this for New Years because every year we run out too quickly.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter. dizzybloom(at)gmail(dot)com

Shawn said...

I love to put lots of picante sauce and black olives on my tacos.


Doreen said...

I'm a follower! purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

Doreen said...

I love avocado, cheese and salsa! Yummm Thanks for the chance to win! purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

Pixie said...

New follower!


Pixie said...

CHEESE is my fav taco topping!


Lori said...

Just followed you! :)

sweatshirtgirl222 at yahoo dot com

Lori said...

oh, and my favorite recipe, other than tacos, is salsa chicken. Take boneless chicken, sprinkle on taco seasoning, pour salsa over, add cheese and bake. Serve with sour cream!

Bethany said...

We had tacos last night! Def a fav of my 6 kids :-) Cheese lettuce sour cream and hot sauce are our fav toppings! Yum-o!e

Jenny (BCG) said...

Somehow I haven't had your blog bookmarked. How is that possible? LOL
BUT I'm a follower now. LOL!
I like to put black beans right in with the meat as I'm cooking it. Nice way to sneak in a little extra for the kids.

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