Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday- Top Ten

Joining in for Working Mommy Wednesday over at Work, Wife Mom...Life! with my friend Julia! So today I list my TOP TEN Christmas LOVES.

1 I love THE Reason for the Season! Without Him... well why celebrate?

2. I love the baking. Those things that only get made at this time of year, that you wonder why don't I make this some other time, but never do.

3. Decorating! I love decorating my house and hassling my husband to do the outside stuff. :)

4. Movies! My secret, I watch them whenever I feel like it throughout the year. At this time of year though no one is teasing me about it.

5. Caroling! When I was a kid we went with our Christian School and we caroled at night, stopping at a predetermined house for hot chocolate and candy canes. Loved it! I have been able to take the kids a few times to carol at a local nursing home with our homeschoool group.

6. Traditions; all those little things that each family has. I know we all do some of the same things and I am sure we all have little things that are all our own too. We get new pajama's on Christmas Eve, lots of people do that. We have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning, drive around at least one evening looking at pretty decorated houses and do lots of holiday crafts; just to name a few.

7. Music! I start listening to it as soon as they start playing it on the radio, which is usually the day after Thanksgiving although it has been earlier.

8. Shopping... I don't always do a ton of shopping but I do like to. I almost always go out on Black Friday. I am not crazy about it or anything. I don't get up super early, or wait in lines over night, but I do go out for a couple hours and just shop around. if there is something I need great; if not that's fine too. I just really like the whole "holiday spirit" of being out there.

9. Crafting, I love to make my own gifts. I usually make edible gifts as well but I also love to scrapbook and craft. So when I get to make gifts I have a blast.

10. My Kids! Kids are just so innocent and happy. I love to watch them have Christmas and the excitement and wonder.

So much fun! Let me know what your favorite thing about Christmas is and join in on WMW. :)


Kayla said...

I agree with so many of your reasons!! I just wrote on something similar!! XOXO

Ohh pppsstt I am a supermom wanna be too!!

Julia said...

JESUS!! (woohoo!) you know me and crafting! love it!! and i love seeing the smile on my kids' faces when we see christmas lights driving around town!

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