Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party Time!

Meghan had a great party! The "best party ever" just like last years. ;) hehe This is the dessert table. The banner was created by A to Zebra Celebrations. I made all the goodies except the brownies which are from Bite Me Brownies and are amazing!

We started the day by Meghan's friend Miqa coming over to play early. She loved that! Miqa came around 10 and the girls spent the morning playing. A couple of Meghan's friends from the complex came over to play too. We got them pizza for lunch and they played while we got everything ready for the party.

What is the perfect activity for a Hannah Montana Rock Star Party??? Making your own silver jewelry, of course!! Meghan was so excited about that! As her friends would get there she would tell them all about it. "We get to make REAL jewelry!" Uncle John, (a fabulous jeweler!) brought all the stuff for them. They used a silver clay to make a charm. When the clay is fired and shined up it is a perfect piece of real silver jewelry! They loved it and each got to make one to take home.

Choosing a charm design.

Kaden waiting to help me make one.

Meghan got to make hers first.

Getting some help from cousin Lauren!

Kaden is really studying how to do this.

Miqa making her charm.

Hannah making hers.

Friends from our complex Alyssa and Natalie.

Meghan's finished charm.

This is the one I made. Well I started it and then John finished it for me. :) Thanks Uncle John! I love it! If you would like more information check out the website for Impression Silver! This is just the most amazing thing. They have classes at our local Hobby Lobby and book parties at their office.

Then Meghan said she wanted to do the pinata next. She has been wanting to have a pinata for a while so this is the year we got one! A Hannah Montana Guitar of course!

After that we sang Happy Birthday and Meghan blew out the candles.

Then she opened her gifts.

What a fun party. She had just the right amount of people and was able to play lots, which she loved too.
Thank you friends!! <3


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