Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Rut...

I have been in a rut lately. Kind of. I haven't been posting much because I have these periods of time where I am worried, for lack of a better word, about being judged. No matter how much we don't want to let other people affect us, they do. If you hear enough negativity or someone acts mean toward you often enough, it's going to have an influence. Of course it is the same way if you are around positivity also. So it makes sense to be around people who lift you up and genuinely care about you. Often times it's the people who are suppose to care about you that bring us down. There is a lesson to learn. Treat those closest to you just as nice as you would a stranger.

I have reminded myself that I started the blog as a record for MYSELF and to share. I have already enjoyed going back through old posts to see what we were doing when Kaden was Ellie's age. I love that part. I think without a record of some sort, IE. a journal, we forget a lot of little things. I want to remember those little details from when the kids were young.

I also love to share. I like posting what my kids are learning and how. I know I enjoy reading about my homeschooling friends and how their days are going and what they are learning. I also like to share recipes. Again I read a lot of blogs and sites about cooking, baking and getting kids to eat different foods. I have found and tried so many recipes. I like to share what I have learned and the recipes we try and enjoy.

So all that to say I am going to post more. If someone has a problem with what I am doing, I guess they have a problem. My children were given to me and my husband, not anyone else, by God  and we will raise them the way we feel He has guided us to do. Until He shows us differently we will keep going the way we are, seeking guidance from Him every step of the way. We aren't perfect by any means and never claim to be but we do the best we can. I won't let someone else tell me how to raise my children or what I am doing wrong.

And now! My new favorite song! Pretty much sums up my feeling here and just makes me happy. LOVE this song! This phrase is also something my mom used to say to my dad when she was teasing him. I had forgotten about it until I heard the song.

Until later!


Shannon said...

I'll be happy to see you posting more! :o) I'm trying to make a more concerted effort with my everything-but-bento blog too.

Bethany said...

Girl your an amazing mother and person! Dont let anyone ever make you think otherwise!

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