Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Last Baby...

                                       Just turned two!!

This is her 'just woke up' look. ;) Still cute!

I have heard people talk about their last baby and how sad they are to reach their milestones. I can't say that I am all that sad but I still get surprised at how fast it goes. It might because I am so busy and have other children now. I remember it being a bigger deal when Meghan hit those milestones and her at 9, sometimes I still miss her baby stages, especially when I look at pictures and video's. With Ellie we are just having fun. I am sure it's partly because we have done it before. I didn't stress about taking her bottle away right as she turned one, it was a little after and it was no big deal. She still has her Binky right now and I am not stressing about that either. We took Meghan's away at 18 months and she started sucking her thumb. So we are fine with waiting it out. 

Ellie is such a fun little girl. She is animated and loves to play. One of her favorite things right now is to play with bubbles.  She loves to play with her big sister and brother. Kaden likes to help her with things and is trying to look out for her more recently. He will tell me if she has something she shouldn't have and then will try to take it away.

Ellie is also talking a lot more recently. She has started dancing and it is so cute! She is my first one to dance with her shoulders. I have to get it on video and I will share here! She likes books too just like her older siblings. She also loves to color and ride on Kaden's little bikes. She LOVES puppies. We have various movies about dogs for her. She likes to pretend she is a puppy. She will pant like a dog and a couple times I have picked her up and she licked me. ;)

She is our biggest fan. When Nathan or I come home she calls us and comes running to get "up". She is also the one that loves to snuggle the most. She likes to lay her head on my shoulder and just stay there. AND we are her biggest fan as well. She is the most fabulous little girl and I thank God for her daily!

Happy Birthday Ellie!


Bethany said...

Nothing sweeter than the last baby :-)

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