Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day/Teacher Appreciation Week

Maybe it's a stretch but I think a homeschooling mom should take a week off. This coming week teacher Appreciation day is on the 3rd and then Mother's Day is next weekend on the 8th. It's like Spring Break right? I need to do this! So next week we are taking off from our regular programming. Meghan is going to be excited! I want to read lots and cook with the kids. We have a review project we need to do and then I can get to my review. :) I want a hand print art project from my kids and I want to organize and declutter my house a little. I got a new laptop too and I need to go through everything on my old one and organize and delete. The kids have some new Wii games that I am sure they would like to wear out. ;) I might even get organized for school the next week but let's not push it!

I am making a list of the things I would like for us to do next week but it's going to be relaxed too. If you have seen any cool art projects or know of a nice hand print craft please post! I want to frame or save them somehow, so something that can be saved. Oh! That reminds me! I really hope to make a silhouette of each kids face too! Yea I am excited too!


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