Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Day One!

We had a good day for our first day of spring break! In the morning we all went outside and played. The kids rode their bikes/trikes around for a while. We then went and walked around our complex to find some spots to take some pictures. Later in the morning they sat out on the patio and painted. When Ellie decided to start eating the paint she came in to wash up.

We then had lunch and watched Tangled. We have seen it several times already but it's such a cute movie. I keep finding myself humming the songs. haha Ellie had her nap and Kaden and Meghan played together. After Ellie's nap we went to the gym, (the Jazzercise center, I love Jazzercise!) so I could work out. The kids played with the toys there and did a great job of keeping happy and busy while I worked out.

By the time we get back from the gym Nate is home. So we made dinner and the kiddo's played outside some more. All in all a great, relaxing day. I am loving spring break!


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