Sunday, July 31, 2011

If I Was Brave

I would totally be an unschooler. I read so many blogs about unschooling and I like it! I think we are kind of unschoolish. I am not super strict with what has to be done all of the time and sometimes we do just let go of things depending on life circumstances and whether it's working or not. When Meghan was first starting the school years I did unschool. She wasn't really ready for a lot of things so we read a lot and played games... There wasn't a lot of actual school. This is really the first year that she will have more to do and a list of what I would like done each day. Of course we will still have things we do together and hopefully the littles will join in some of that.

I think unschooling is just living. Maybe with more focus on having learning tools available and asking and encouraging questions. Kaden hasn't done any "school" really. He has watched Leap Frog video's and Magic School Bus cartoons and he plays the Wii and the computer like he's 10 instead of 4. He knows lots of letters, lots of letter sounds and can count to 13, as I mentioned the other day. He also knows all the shapes and colors and just where his socks should go in his drawer. ;) I am excited to give him some writing tools this school year and see where he goes with it. (I also found some left handed scissors for him.)

So although I want to do more history with Meghan this year, I think we have been doing just great with our relaxed approach to schooling. She reads at somewhere around half way through 5th grade level, knows all her basic math, enjoys watching history documentaries with Daddy, and has decided to learn Spanish all on her own.

So if I was brave I would just unschool... but I am not. ;) What I have decided we are for now is relaxed, delight directed homeschoolers. You know what, that's ok too!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great, forget the labels! Thanks for the message on my blog by the way, it's always fun to "meet" new people.

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