Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, Monday....

It's Monday, Monday.....
I had the most fun weekend. My friend and I drove to Cake Camp in Henderson, Nevada, which is very close to Las Vegas. We could see the strip as we got off the freeway to go to our hotel. We stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort, which is where Cake Camp was held. We got there on Thursday evening and didn't leave at all until Sunday! There is so much to do in there and restaurants and things we didn't need to leave. I had a lot of great classes and loved my teachers. Many of the teachers are cake designers that have been on Food Network or won the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show. Some I have met before like Michelle Bommarito, who has more energy than just about anyone I know, or Colette Peters. Others I met for the first time like Ruth Rickey. She taught my favorite class of the weekend which was techniques for painting on cakes, which I love anyways. She taught techniques for charcoal or ink drawings, watercolor and oil painting, all with edible sugar mediums.

my watercolor

My "pen and ink"

my oil painting

Some of the other classes I took were about stenciling, a gluten free baking lecture, a fudge making demo, designer cupcakes, and a few more. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone from all over the country. I can't wait for the next one which isn't for two years. I think it would be nice if the whole family went to the next one too. We get a great room rate because of having Cake Camp there and we could take the kids and see some fun stuff. I had never been to Vegas before so Nate thought we should have at least driven down the strip. Oh well, next time. :)

The kids did great while I was gone and Nathan did a great job taking care of them. He took Meghan to Girl Scouts on Friday which was a roller skating day. Then that evening he had to go and pick up our grass fed, organic beef way up in Phoenix. You have to order it months ahead and when it's ready they let you know so I didn't know what date we would have to pick it up until the week before. They had Walmart trips, went to pick up milk from the farm, had my brother and his family over and they are still healthy and happy. ;)

Plans for this week are to keep getting things unpacked. I need to reorganize my cake stuff too. I also want to do some baking and cooking for us and hopefully finish up my school planning for the coming school year. I am also going to make my niece a birthday cake and maybe help plan a party. :) Always busy here! Have a great week!!

You can still enter my Cupcake warmer giveaway too! I draw the winner on Friday!


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