Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Need a Sign....

So since we have moved we have had people come to the door twice. The first time is was an older man and he was telling me that my kids were going to learn about evolution in school. I interrupted to let him no that they are home schooled and they wouldn't learn anything at school. I also informed him that I was Christian (it's just easier to say) and he asked if I was LDS. I said no and wrapped up the conversation. He left a pamphlet about creation, which I happen to believe in.

Yesterday two women came to the door. They said George, (the first guy) told them I was interested in more information and that I was LDS. Um no... They have a new book to give me. I tell the woman I am really not interested. She keeps talking. My little ones like to go to the door with me. They try and talk constantly to whoever is there. They are pushing past me to get outside and we also have mosquito issues so those are coming inside. After a minute I tell her I really don't have time and she finally gets the hint. She leaves her book and says they will try another time. How about no?

I don't plan on answering the door anymore. I guess they can hear my kids if they happen to be making noise but I don't have time to discuss anything with two little kids chatting and hanging on me. I mean I didn't even know what religion they were until this time and they are not LDS which is what I thought after the first visit. They are Jehovah's Witness. I don't know exactly what they believe but I know they don't celebrate birthday's or Christmas and those are VERY important to me. :D

So I am thinking I should paint a decorative sign. You know people have all kinds of yard and door signs. Mine will say something clever if I can think of what it should be.

"Jesus Follower. Period."
"Jesus isn't about religion"
"I'm going to heaven, not sure where your religion is taking you."


I am also thinking I don't want to say I am Christian anymore. It can be confused with "other religions" and it has also in a lot of ways become just another religion. It's not about all the stuff, it's about Jesus. Period!


Kayla said...

lol if you dont want to answer "your" door i honestly think its alright, and I can say this because i have been there done that!!!

Tristan said...

Too funny! I am LDS and we've had Jehovah's Witnesses stop at our house several times. Like you, my little ones just want to get out the door or chat. The last time I simply waved from inside the house and shut the front door. They've not been back.

Jessica Juice said...

Who would try to start a conversation about your spirituality by opening with a scare tactic? (evolution in schools) That alone discredits their motive. I too have been tempted to paint a little sign for "no soul soliciting" - but I think I just want an excuse to paint a cute little sign more than anything!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for posting ladies! It's nice to know I am not jsut being mean. ;) (I know I am not that's why they keep coming back!)

Jessica I do want an excuse to paint a sign! :) I have a few more I have been thinking about for the house. :)

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