Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just One of Those Days

Ever have days where you have plans and things laid out; lists of things you need/want to get done... and it just doesn't happen? Today is one of those days. We got so much done this weekend I thought I would just keep it up. I was sure I would get some things in Ellie's room unpacked and finish up my kitchen. However, it didn't happen. Ellie started to feel warm to me last night, Nate thought she was fine, normal is what he said. Before she went to bed I decided to give her some medicine anyways, (hey I am the mom I know what I am doing). Then I stayed up late working on things. I get to bed about 1 and as I start to doze off I hear Ellie crying. She was HOT. So I got a wet washcloth, gave her some more medicine and something to drink. She went back to sleep but every little bit would cry so I would check on her. So then I couldn't sleep because I was checking on her so much and because I just couldn't sleep. Needless to say I am so tired today. Ellie is still running a low fever, it doesn't seem to be as high and I haven't given her anything for it since 8 am. She has been laying around, being held and falling asleep at random times. I think she will be ok tomorrow. I have been too tired to do anything other than take care of the kids basic needs and answer some emails. I am getting ready to muster the strength and go to our once a month cake club meeting now.

We did get a lot done this weekend though. We, of course, have a ton more to do. Moving is a lot of work! I even cooked and baked this weekend. We were out of bread so I made some. I also made patriotic popcorn for the kids, banana bread, and a pork roast which we are finishing today as pulled pork sandwiches. I am glad I got those things done so that we have things to eat and I am not having to cook today. ;)

We love the house though and it's starting to come together! I will hopefully be posting more updates and pictures soon!


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