Sunday, October 9, 2011


My friend Jennifer at The Path Less Taken has decided that she will blog on Sunday's about what she is thankful for from the week. A marvelous idea! She said we should join in so I am going to, right now. :)

Here are my top 5 thing I am thankful for this week.

#1 Cooler weather. I am so happy that fall has finally decided to grace us with it's presence. I lloooove fall! I love the weather and the holidays. I like that the kids have wanting to be outside playing more. I like that we haven't felt like melting getting into the car and we shouldn't have to worry about AC in the car messing up until next year. :)

#2 I am thankful for perfectly precious headbands. Love this one from Linny Jane Vintage. Her stuff is sooo pretty and she is such a sweet lady too. Of course the cute kid modeling it really helps. ;)

#3 I am thankful that it was a slow week. We had time to just hang out and play. I had time to decorate some cookies just for fun and make lists.

#4 My wonderful friends, who are so nice when I have to change plans. Sorry Em!

#5 My kids who are just so fun and getting so big. I love hearing the stuff they come up with. I really need to write that stuff down.

Here they are creating camp fires with candy at Girl Scouts this week.
Well this one is just eating the supplies.

He was great and very into it. I thought he'd just want to eat it too. He wanted it perfect.

The actual girl scout!

I am linking up at The Path Less Taken. Check it out!


jen said...

Love it, Bonnie!! Thanks for participating. I am excited to do this every week :)

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