Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pillsbury Potluck Party

Sunday was my Pillsbury Potluck Party! It was a lot of fun and we tried lots of great recipes. If you are looking for quick and easy recipes to help make it through the busy holiday season would be a great place to start. Many of the recipes take about 30 minutes to cook and less than 5 ingredients. I have to admit I would have never thought about things you could make with ready made Pillsbury items, like Crescent Rolls. I thought a roll was a roll was a roll. ;)

Here is our potluck yummies. I made it a holiday theme with the decor'. haha

I decided to make the Cranberry Cresent Wreaths since it was mentioned in my last post about the party. They were super quick to make and they were yummy. My girls loved them!

Here are the other dishes we had.

These were good! The kids in particular loved them.

This recipe looks awesome for using up leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
It was really yummy too!

There were a couple different types of cookies.
Chocolate Chip

These peppermint ones were yummy. I have seen these in the store for the holidays. These were dressed up with white chocolate drizzle and crushed candy cane.

So we took a vote and the favorite dish of the night was the Pepperoni'n Cheese Crescents. They were really fun and easy to grab and eat. It was like a little pizza with no mess. With so few things needed to make them I can see myself making them often for a quick lunch. Of course everything was well received and enjoyed.

Check out the link for more quick and easy dish ideas. Like the Pillsbury Facebook page to keep up with the new stuff. You can print a coupon for Pillsbury products Here.  Maybe plan your own potluck party or make one of these dishes to take to your holiday party's. It was a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the Christmas season! Plus we tried so many things we had never thought of before. Making crescent rolls into a dish? Craziness!  ;)

If you try any of the recipes or host your own party please come back and let me know!

Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark provided me with product coupons and recipe cards to hand out to all of my party guests. We were able to use the cards to write down each others recipes. Here is my little "favor" station.

“Disclosure: The Pillsbury product, information, food ideas, online coupon link, and prize pack have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark.”


Kristen K. said...

Another good idea for the crescent rolls is a taco round. We use the Pampered Chef pizza pan, put the crescents in a circle around it, overlapping each one (skinny end hanging over the outer edge of the pan). Make your taco meat and spoon on the crescent rolls. Top with cheese. Fold over crescents to seal in the meat/cheese mixture. Bake till light/golden brown (depending on how you like your "crescents"). Cut into serving sizes, top with your favorite toppings, or just eat as is....great grab and go food! YUMMY too!!

Bonnie said...

Love that idea! Thanks for posting!

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