Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adobe Mountain RailRoad Field Trip

My son loves trains so when this field trip came up again I decided we should go. We haven't gone on a lot of field trips this year. There has been less cash and for several months we let my brother and his family use one of our cars, which means we didn't have one all the time. I hope that in 2012 we will be able to go on more. We will also be starting a park day for the new homeschool group so we should be busier with school stuff. hmm I think we were already busy. haha

Anyway, on Monday we went to the Adobe Mountain Railroad. It was so cool and the kids loved it. The trains are 1/8th the size of a regular train, built to scale. Everything works just like a big train would. It is on a huge area of land with tracks all over and the people who volunteer there have made little towns and different tiny sites along the tracks. It was fun to watch for all those things too. We rode the train, stopping halfway through to look at the museum and huge model train set up. Then we rode back to the station. We were lucky enough that they took us on a second ride, we switched trains and went on different tracks that time. It was a lot of fun. I think Nate would have enjoyed it too. Hopefully we will be able to go again when he can go too.

In the station waiting to start the ride. See my friend Tina behind Kaden. :)

A picture from our train of another one. There were three trains and our group had them all going. Only 21 people were aloud on each train.

One of the old fashioned looking towns along the track.

The train model inside one of the buildings on our stop.

Meghan was sooo happy to get to see her friend Miqa! Miqa's brother Dante is in this photo too.

Did I mention it was cold? We drove an hour and 20 minutes for this one, going through patches of rain the whole way. It was in the low 40's, but at least the sun came out.

Miniature airport along the track.

They have a big wooden train the kids can play on. I believe they said it was built by an Eagle Scout.

A great time! They had inflatable Christmas Decorations, (not inflated when we went through) and lights strung all over. They mentioned having nighttime tours this holiday season. You can find more information on their website.


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