Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Shopping

We are currently having a discussion on my homeschool board about what Christmas gifts people are thinking about and what some of the favorite things have been. We might be in a little different category than most people since we homeschool. We just think a little differently about things and what we want our kids to be playing with and doing some times.

What is really cool about these discussions though is that I always learn about new things. Like these Keva Planks for example. There are sooo cool!

I have never seen them or heard of them before today. I watched the video on the homepage and then started going through the photo lists. All the different things they have made with them is just amazing. I think this is something we will keep in mind for the future. I can see us all playing with these!

My kiddo's are really getting into Lego which is nice to see. Meghan asked for some a couple years ago and Kaden has started using them with her. Meghan follows the directions to make the little sets and Kaden just starts stacking. He may be getting a set of his own this Christmas. They are playing with Lego's right now and its so quiet...

Meghan is probably getting a Next Generation Doll. They are similar to the American Girl Dolls. I would love to get her one of those but they are much more pricey. I think the Next Generation Doll will work out well. They can wear all the same clothing and they have cool accessories also. She learned about the American Girl Dolls when we were at the boutique in November. There was a lady there that made clothes for them. They also have matching clothing for dolls and girls. Cute! This seems like something she will use for a long time.

I think books are always great gifts too. We like to read here and the kids love looking at their books. Plus we use books all the time for our unit studies. I also like memberships to places like zoo's, the science center, children's museum, even water parks. I think we are just getting to where we want the things we spend money on to matter and enrich our lives and not just be another fad toy with no imagination required.

This post is mostly my rambling but I really thought the Keva Planks were cool and maybe some of my other homeschool (or not) friends hadn't heard of them either. :)


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