Friday, December 2, 2011

Starting the Countdown to Christmas!

Yesterday we started our countdown activities. I made an Advent Calendar using my friend Shannon's idea. You can see it here at Nouveau Soccer Mom. I thought it was a cute idea and we have been saving the paper rolls for a while. Here is mine. :) Not perfect but I was up until 2 am doing it the night before the 1st so.... yea.

(I really need to get some curtains)

The kids love doing this! Something else we are doing is RACK (random acts of Christmas kindness). I saw this idea on another blog. We are going to do something everyday. Love this idea and the kids will love helping to think of things to do.

I am excited for Christmas. We have pulled out the Christmas decorations, although they aren't all up yet. We did do the outside stuff though. The kids were sick over the long Thanksgiving weekend, which meant we got to stay home and not go to our family dinner, not super fun. Then as they started to get better I got it. So I have been dealing with a stuffy head and being extra tired. Thankfully I think we're going to be ok soon. :) It does explain why our Christmas stuff isn't out yet though.

I uploaded all my pictures from my camera a couple days ago and realized I didn't do it all of November! Ooops! Of course I haven't been keeping up here either. November was very busy. So here are a few highlights!

Meghan participated in the Veteran's Day Parade with her Girl Scout troop. I watched with the little ones and chased and walked and all that fun stuff.

I really have to get her uniform soon!

Meghan designing potholders. We are doing a boutique on the 10th so she is making things to sell.

We participated at the boutique my church puts on every year. I used to help plan the boutique a long time ago. It is sooo huge now. We did great and I hope to do it again next year. Meghan liked the mustache cookies. :)

Ellie trying to peel potatoes.

Kaden and Ellie watching a movie.


Crystal said...

This is a cute advent idea. So do you have something for each of the kids in each one?

Bonnie said...

What I decided to do is put an activity in most of them. There are 4 or 5 with candy in them and yes there are three pieces. :) Most though are activities. I don't want a lot of candy or cheap toys hanging out. lol

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