Friday, March 5, 2010

Famous homeschoolers

We have been pretty busy here so I have gotten behind again! I have a post about the girls little birthday party coming up, a post about what all the kids have been up to and learning and a couple others I hope to share soon. Maybe today even.
This post I thought would be fun. I saw this quiz posted on facebook and thought you all might be interested in knowing about some famous homeschoolers.

A famous homeschooled artist (also an inventor) who had 17 half brothers and sister... Leonardo da Vinci

A famous homeschooled composer (from Austria) who began composing at the age of five...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A famous homeschooled educator who went on to become the President of Stanford University...
Fred Terman
(Each of these former homeschoolers became president of a prestigious university in the US)
John Witherspoon
Frank Vandiver
William Samuel Johnson

A famous homeschooled General fought in World War I, World War II and in the Korean War, AND was one of only five Americans ever to rise to the rank of General of the Army...
Douglas Mac Arthur

This famous homeschooler is the inventor of the telescope 30x... Galileo

This famous homeschooler was the first American women in space... Sally Ride

This famous homeschooled writer is the author of The Chronicals of Narnia... C.S. Lewis

Famous homeschoolers who recieved a Nobel Prize...
Gabriela Mistral

Albert Schweitzer
Winston Churchill
Albert Einstein

Famous homeschoolers that became president of the United States...
Theodore Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson
James Polk
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

A famous homeshooler that started the Red Cross... Clara Barton

I know there are a lot more. If you know of any post them in the comments!


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