Friday, March 5, 2010

The Girls First Party

So we had our little party with my brother Matt and sil Glenda, their two girls and Glenda's mom on Sunday. We had a lot of fun.
First I have to post pictures of the cakes! Meghan wanted a horse cake and I decided to try to sculpt a cake for the first time. I started working on it and thought it was going right in the trash but I kept going. It first resembled a dinosaur to me but as I added more details it started to look like a horse. I am quite happy with it and so glad it turned out for Meghan. She loved it.

Here is Ellie and Matty's cake.

with their smash cakes
And here is Ellie at Incredible Pizza smashing her cake. She actually smashed it. haha There were these teenage girls next to us that were just laughing and saying cute she was. Maybe she was doing more and more because they were making a big deal out of it huh?


Here is Matty with her cake. She didn't get too messy but that little bit she did get on her hands she didn't like. Glenda said she doesn't like to be messy.

Nathan playing with her...

The rest...



Anonymous said...

That ake is incredible! what an amazing job, you daughter must have been so pleased

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