Friday, March 5, 2010

What'a up with us...

So I missed my updates over the weekend and it's almost the weekend again! I am just going to tell you know that I am not going to do a tot school or homeschool review post.

We are busy packing and getting ready to move. We will be staying with Nathan's parents. Hopefully we won't drive them crazy too quickly! Everyone is excited to be going "home" though! I think we have all missed Arizona although Nate says he has enjoyed the weather here. I am, for one, tired of being cold! Of course today is warming up to the high 50's and the sun is out and the door is open. It feels nice. I have been able to put Ellie in cute summery outfits and feel her skin when I pick her up. ahhh At least there will be nice weather while we pack everything up.

I have also missed our family and friends a lot. I guess I am not a homebody type that doesn't need interaction... I do! Not having family around is hard too, especially holiday time. Meghan has missed her friends and cousins too. She is excited about going home and has asked if she can take ballet/dance classes. I will have to see if I can find some. It's something she has wanted to do for a while and out here there was no where to take her. Of course she wants to keep up with riding lessons and would like to go back into swimming lessons too. I would like the swimming lessons too. Maybe for Kaden also.

So Meghan had a riding lesson last Saturday. She will have her last on in OK this Saturday. She has been keeping up with her schoolwork and helping me by playing with Kaden and Ellie while I pack. Kaden is still working on potty training. He is doing great! We went on two different short trips to town, (short being 3-4 hours which is how long it takes us to do anything in town) and not had any accidents. Then on Sunday we had our little party for the girls and we bravely took him out in undies. I took him through the day and he went all day, no accidents! I was so happy. I had extra clothes of course in case but he didn't need them. So I am very happy with his progress. Some things that worked for us...
-using undies all the time (no pull ups, except at night)
-taking him to the potty every 30-60 mins.
-staying home for 5 days straight to work with him

Now he is back to holding #2 though so we are working on that. We give him medicine every day because he already had an issue with it. So I am hoping he has a breakthrough here soon. I think that if he will just go on the potty once it won't be such a struggle afterwards.

Ellie is doing great as well. She actually slept all night last night! Woohoo. She has done that, hmm I think this makes 3 times total. My other two were sleeping all night, all the time by now so it's a little different. She still wakes sometimes because she is a light sleeper, so noises wake her up. We put a radio in her room with a classical cd though and that seems to have helped some. She also still wakes up for a bottle, which like I said the others were done with by now. She also started climbing last Saturday. She had gone past me to the table and I was talking to Nathan. So I finished my sentence and turned around and she was up in a chair. I was so surprised I just went and grabbed her. Of course then I thought why didn't I take a picture first. Well 3 minutes later she was back in the chair. I took a few pictures and got some video of her getting up.

I think she was after those pancakes.
Needless to say I have gotten busier!

Here are a few pictures I got of Kaden working on some of his activity bags. Meghan wanted to help him with some too.

color matching and button scene


Shannon said...

So glad you are posting again! When is the official move date?

Faith has been working on a letter back to Meghan, but if it's soon, I could send it to AZ and have it waiting for her. :o)

PM me the new address info on ASP if you'd like?

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