Monday, March 22, 2010

First Day of Spring.... 12 Years Later

We have been back a week now. It has been warm and sunny everyday except for a few clouds and sprinkles one morning. This weekend marks the first day of spring and it has been very spring-like! I know many parts of the country got a fresh batch of cold and snow. I'm sorry! If you want a place to go that has none of that...

Anyway, 12 years ago on the first day of spring Nathan and I were married. Of course the first day of spring switches back and forth between the 20th and 21st. We were married on the 21st.

We took the kids and went out to eat at one of my favorite places Sunday after church. I love to get a half baked potato and salad and they have Pazookie's for dessert!! (it is a large hot under-baked cookie with icecream on top, yum! and we all shared it).
I told Nate that I didn't feel old enough to have been married 12 years! He replied that I didn't look it either. (everybody...awwwwww) I don't know that I believe him but at least he knows the right thing to say. His training is coming along nicely. hehe ;) No I do believe him, but it really doesn't feel like we have been married that long at all. I am proud of each and every one of those years though. We are very happy and in love and I think it is a great!

No pictures today as I still need to find and unpack the cord for my camera.


Beth said...

Hi Bonnie! Happy Anniversary!

I home schooled for 20+ years. Hard to believe how quickly that time flew by! Now the "baby" is in college and before I know it we'll be empty nesters. Good thing we're still "in love!"

Have a terrific Tuesday! :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much Beth!
WOW I know how quick it goes and always seems to go faster. I hope I can keep up homeschooling that long!
Thanks for visiting!

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