Monday, March 29, 2010

A Picture Post...

I mentioned before that I had not gotten my camera cord out. Well I found it! So here are some of the pictures I have not been able to post yet.

I had to take this picture of Ellie. She is wearing one of Meghan's dresses from when she was that age.

Kaden playing with some of those learning toys... massive buttons!

On our trip out we stopped at The Big Texan. We've travelled back forth a lot and never stopped here so Nate thought it would be fun. It was! We got to watch a couple guys try to eat the 72 oz steak and all the fixins'. They didn't make it. haha

yes I am in a picture,shh... Nate took these. lol

Kaden's nice ice cream face.


Meghan and I had a field trip slash mommy daughter evening on day. We went to see a Cinderella ballet. It was really cute and Meghan had a great time. She says she really wants to take ballet now.

We had dinner at Olive Garden to end our date.
Ellie helping me unpack.


Beth said...

What beautiful children you have! I've always been a little bit tempted to try that steak myself. I am a bit of a carnivore but that would be pushing it! And the sides would most likely push me over the edge so I persist in my resistance!

Bonnie said...

Thank you Beth! Oh I don't think you could make it. Those men had PILES of meat left and I never saw them take a bite of a side at all. LOL It was funny though, they put them on a stage/table so they can be watched and people run over to take pics.

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