Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All About Milk

Today we went for our weekly trip to our local farm. It is a raw, organic milk producing dairy farm. Love it! It's not super close so it takes about an hour round trip. We could just find a drop point closer but I haven't had time to look for one. The way they do it is various people around the state offer their homes as a drop point and then everyone around their home can go there to pay and pick up since it is closer. Like I said I have been too busy to find one but I also like going to the farm itself. They have a few people that bring in farm fresh, free range eggs as well. So I normally get eggs too. Plus I just like to go there. The people are really trusting so if someone can't be in the office they tell you to just drop your money in the box and take your milk. I guess that's working for them and they have had no issues. We have been getting milk there about 4 years, I think, and they still do it. If your aren't going to be able to make it before they close (which I think it 2 in the afternoon) then you can call ahead and they will put what you want out in the outside cooler. Again you pick it up and leave your money. It nice to see something working like that still in this day and age.

Today I drove the kids through Chick-fil-a for some lunch on the way home. They were waiting on something to finish so the server was chatting with me a little and asked if we were doing anything fun. So I let her know we had just come from getting our milk. She looked like she wanted to make a face,(although she didn't :)) and then asked me if it tasted different. I told her it didn't. I think told her that Kaden was sensitive to milk and that he has no issues with the raw milk. I told her that most people (which I believe is all but I say most because I don't know for sure, this is just from my own research) who are allergic to milk can have raw milk because the lactose is created in the processing. She was really surprised at that and said she would be passing on the information as she knows a lot of people with milk allergies.

There are so many reasons to seek out raw milk and healthy grown foods. Usually it's one reason that gets you started in researching and then you find out all the other benefits too. Kaden's milk sensitivity started my milk research long ago but now I know that it is so much better for us in many ways. Hopefully, I helped to get someone else started on their journey!


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