Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mission of the Month- May 2011

Do you have lots of goals and many things on your to-do lists? I do! I make lots of lists to try and stay organized and remember the things I need to get done. Daily things get added to my lists so writing them down is really important. Just yesterday I received a jury registration form in the mail. That has to be back in 10 days. I will forget if I don't just do it or at least write it down to remember in the next few days. So when Jenn over at Mama Jenn decided to have a monthly mission to help herself meet some goals I decided to join in. You can check it out and join in yourself if you are interested! I really hope that telling you all what I need to do will help me get it done!

Mission Accomplished

So here are my goals for May.
-Organize my scrap area! I have gone through things so much it is a mess and there is no way I can scrap even if I wanted to. Must organize that area.

-I want to do one arts and craft project with the kids each week and share it here. I don't keep up with those fun things sometimes and so I will start small and say we are going to do one a week.

-Decide on curriculum changes for the next school year. I want to look at what we have been doing and what I would like to change or add. Hopefully, I can get that decided and then next month start looking for the supplies.

-Adding onto the last one I want to decide what activities and homeschooling groups we will participate in next school season. Meghan keeps telling me about activities she wants to do and I think the little ones need something too. Plus we need to find a group closer to us for weekly activities like park days. The ones we are in now are kind of too far away to go regularly.

-I am going to be participating in a cake show and a cake challenge within the show. I want to practice some of the things I will be doing for the challenge and get the cakes done that i will be entering in the show.

OK that seems like a lot to me. I will be very happy if I get all that done.


Brandi said...

Good luck! You have a lot on here, but you can do it! :) Just start a little bit at a time! Can't wait to see your craft projects!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Brandi! I need your encouragement. :)

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