Saturday, May 7, 2011

What My child is Reading- May 7, 2011

I have decided to join in What My Child Is Reading this week and let you know some of the books we are reading here. I love to see what others are reading and it helps me find new books. :) Right now I have a trip to our local used bookstore planned so I can look for some of those new books.

So here is what we are working on this week!

We have started the Mandie Series. I read these when I was a kid. I don't know where my set went but I have started collecting the books as I see them and we have books one,two and three right now. They are about a Christian girl (almost a teen)  set at the turn of the Century. Her father passes away and she has a lot of challenges to face but there is also a lot of mystery involves and she is always getting into some sort of "situation". I believe there are a lot more books in the series than I have read so I look forward to getting through the one I have read and reading the others too. I think Meghan will enjoy them. Right now we are reading book one Mandie and the Secret Tunnel.

We are also starting to read American Girl's Meet Rebecca. I have never read any American Girl books but I know they are popular. Meghan got this one for her birthday. We are going to read this one and if she likes it I will get her some more. I know there are unit studies based on some of the American Girl books too so if she likes the books we might try one.

Kaden and Ellie are enjoying this one. :) Biscuits Day at the Beach. We have a couple biscuit books which are a big hit with Ellie in particular since she loves everything puppy right now. I would personally like to share some time at the beach! ;)

We also read these Sesame Street ABC board books a lot. The little one choose which ones they want to read each day. These are also puzzle books so they fit into each other. Sometimes I find them making a "track" across the room. We have had these since Meghan was a baby and she loved them when she was little too.


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