Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun With Pictures

Kaden humming into the Wii microphone.

My cute Ellie Belly

A very grown up looking Meghan.

Ellie wanted red toes. Such cute baby toes. She surprises me every time she asks for a "red M&M"  or wants to find the R's on the page I am reading.

Meghan made bubble wands from pipe cleaners.

Over December when the kids colored or drew pictures I hung them up. I took pictures before taking them down so I can see and remember them but but not have to save every project. :)

Nathan has been collecting state quarters for a while. I found him the collecting board to put them in. He was very happy about that and got it out for him and the kids to add the quarters. :)

This post proves that learning and fun can happen even when everyone is sick and I did no school with them for 2 weeks. :) Carry on!


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