Sunday, January 22, 2012

No More Girl Scouts

You know that thing when God starts bringing things to your attention, over and over... Until you figure out you need to research and pay attention? Yea, that.

It's happened for a couple of big things in our lives. Things like vaccinations and homeschooling. Things that you just have to listen to, you know you have to do it, it's not going away. I know that I am called to homeschool and if I put my kids into school it just wouldn't go well. So even on those days I am slightly jealous of other mom's,(who have lots of daytime, alone time, to clean their homes and run errands and plan meals....), I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

It seems that I keep seeing posts about the Girl Scouts and what they stand for, who they are supporting with their income. There are video's about lifetime Girl Scouts who have started speaking out about what they are doing. After a lot of reading and searching and discussion with the hubby, I decided that we were probably not to be there any longer. I explained to Meghan some of what they are doing. That was not super fun. It's hard to imagine my little girl is getting to the age where we have to talk about these types of things. She was shocked and appalled, of course.

So we decided together to leave the troop. Not that our troop is teaching anything bad at all. We were in a Christian, Homeschool troop. It's just the fact that the money we spend on uniforms, badges and t-shirts and the money made from cookie sales is going to support things completely ungodly and not really supporting girls at all.

Meghan is sad that she won't get to go to regular meetings and have fun activities with the girls but we are looking into Keepers of the Faith clubs. We may try and start our own group. There is also Contenders for the Faith with is for boys. I think they might be able to work together somewhat but I need to research more.

I am still going with it's not always fun to be an adult. Sometimes I want to throw a tantrum myself and ask why I have to do things no one else has to do, but I know better. ;) I have always been a good girl, no matter what anyone says.

If you are interested in more information on what the Girl Scouts are doing, here are some links to get you started.


flyabuv said...

hmm, interesting. I looked at the 100 questions site and the funny thing is, most of those things make me want to put my kid in girl scouts more! Personally I am totally for complete sex education, access to contraceptives/birth control, and would have no issue with a lesbian troop leader. I am glad to learn that the Girl Scouts are not like the Boy Scouts in their discriminatory ways. Just shows how we differ I guess. Glad we can respect each other's positions though....

tammy said...

Hi, I totally understand your concerns. My eldest daughter went all the way through GS and is a lifetime member. We also were in a christian group and truthfully toward the end, I was hearing some troubling things but did not research it. There is 16 years between her and my next daughter. The things God has opened my eyes to during that time! Anyway, we are now proudly part of a wonderful group call the American Heritage Girls. It is very much akin to a GS group as far as earning badges, community work, and such but a huge emphasis on God first, family, community and country. This is our first year and we do have to travel 40 minutes each way but it is worth every penny of gas and every minute of time. I pray that this helps and encourages you. If you have any questions I would love to help.

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