Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday wonders

Kaden seems to be getting better and better each day. He is playing and having fun again. I am so glad we got through this one without having to run to the doctor. He was able to get over it on his own. He didn't take very good naps today so he was kind of cranky but he had a pretty good day. He has started eating more the past couple days too. Today he even had spaghetti, with the sauce and meat too. Meghan won't even eat that stuff. She had to have her regular plain noodles, (although they were whole wheat, organic) with cheese. She is loving the fact that we are getting so many healthy foods lately though. She loves all her "farm food". We go to the farmers market on Saturdays to get veggies. For some reason it really makes her eat. She has been eating really well lately. I have to say the salads are so good.

Today I got some updated pictures of the garden box. I know we are going to have to move some things or thin them out eventually but it seems to be doing well.

Also new today I used my new BOSCH mixer and Nutrimill! I made 6 loaves of bread. I have 4 in the freezer and one in the fridge. The last one we used today for lunch and dinner. It's so good! I will not have to buy bread again! Of course I took a few pictures. :D There is my bucket of Prairie Gold wheat and the Nutrimill, the flour it made and then my finished bread.


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