Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Subtle Frugality

Just a nice post I read today. I enjoyed the comments too.
Subtle Frugality

Today was a pretty relaxed day. We didn't have anywhere to go. I took Kaden down from the dining room chairs repeatedly. He has climbed onto a chair and then onto the table so I really have to watch him. It's great fun going back and forth over and over to the table to get him down. ;) Meghan worked on schol stuff, played with her computer and drew pictures... typical day for her. One of the pictures she made is for her pen pal. We have started reading Little House in the Big Woods. We tried once before, probably two years ago but she wasn't ready for it. She likes it now though, although she still gets excited to see a picture when they come up. We are getting into the book a bit now, I enjoy reading with her like this. I have usually done it when Kaden is asleep but today we did some while he was up. It went ok but I think she can pay attention better when he isn't crawling all over her.

A couple pictures. Kaden wearing his little hat and the kids playing.


KelsyC said...

You've been tagged!! Visit my blog and find out what you need to do!

Julia said...

look how big Kaden is!!

ahhhhhh kelsy tagged you first. oh well, you've been tagged by me too!! haha

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