Saturday, May 10, 2008

May is here!

It is hard to believe it is already May. Time flies...
For some reason the lawn care people turned our water on when they left. It was on about an hour before I decided I should call Nathan and figure out how to turn it off. They had 42 minutes left on it. That is a long time to water the lawn. So it made the lawn into a big puddle. The kids liked watching the birds take baths in it though so that was fun. Later Meghan went out to play and I just had her put her swimsuit on since I knew she was going to get into it, and she did.

I still have a hard time getting Kaden to eat much. He usually will eat a few bites of something before he is done. So today I decided to try and let him do it himself, to see if he would eat more. He doesn't really like much fruit, he will only eat some once in a while. So I started with applesauce. He actually ate more than I thought and he liked trying. Since he got some in his mouth I tried a prune mixed fruit and he had some of that too. Of course he made a huge mess and had to have a bath right after. Oh the joys of your kids feeding themselves.


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