Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And we're back

I am behind again but that is ok. Kaden got sick on Thursday and has been sick since. He was vomiting on Thursday, (Meghan calls this "the throw-ups), then he started running a fever that night and ran that all night and part of the next day. After that those things were gone but he had a few icky poo's and he has just been laying around. Luckily he still took plenty of fluids. He just seems weak and not really happy. I miss him smiling so I am hoping today he will be a lot better. Here are a couple pictures of him. I know sad to take pictures of a sick baby but he is still so cute!

Because of this we didn't get to do anything with our long weekend, which also was Nate's birthday weekend. Nate thought kaden was doing well enough that we went out to dinner last night so I guess that was his birthday dinner. He wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse. I still need to make his pie, i only have it partially done. He asked for a coconut pie instead of a cake.

I did try to make butter yesterday. That was fun. I only got a small bowl of cream off of our milk. I guess this milk doesn't have as much as others. So I made the butter in my mixer and it made maybe a half a cup. I would love to make all of our butter but I don't think that is going to cut it.

Today we need to go to Sprouts, go pick up our milk and then tonight I have a bread class. I am also buying a mixer and grinder from the lady that teaches the class. I am excited and hope to be making some bread tomorrow!


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