Saturday, May 10, 2008

Farm Milk and more kidlet funnies

This is what Meghan calls the Raw Milk we now buy. She asked me why we were getting milk from someone's house and not the store so I explained that this milk comes straight from a farm and they bring it to the house so that we can get it without a long drive. I have told her it is healthier and that is why we buy it. So now on Tuesday when we go to pick it up, she says we are going to get our "farm milk". :)

Meghan has decided that she loves peanut butter and jelly sandwich crackers. i usually just do peanut butter but one time Nathan gave her jelly on it too. I am not sure how that came about but now she asks for it. She still loves tomatoes too. These little ones are from the Farmers market last weekend.

This is her doll that she has started pretending is pregnant this week. She has asked me lots of times how long until she is ready to have her baby.

Here are a couple pictures of Kaden. He loves to climb in and out of this wagon. He sometimes dumps all the blocks out and then he picks them all up to put back.


flyabuv said...

This is shannon again. I am reading through your archives. I totally want to start drinking raw milk, they sell it at a health food store near our house, but it is 12 a gallon, a little steep for us!

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