Friday, May 16, 2008

How does your garden grow...

I don't think we have told many people we are making a garden. It might be a little too late for some things but we are going to try anyways. Luckily Arizona seems to have two seasons too so things that may not work right now we can try again once it cools off. We made sure the lady we rent from didn't care and then we started working on it this week. Here is the spot that we started with after clearing some of the rocks.

Here Nate and Meghan are building the box that will hold our garden.

Here is the box installed and ready to fill. Nathan also tapped into the drip system and added more tubing so that the garden will be watered with the rest of the plants and trees. Today we should be able to get everything planted. We are going to have strawberry and tomato plants and everything else is going to be seed.


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