Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying to keep up Tuesday!

I have been really busy lately. I did a lot of running around this weekend. It's getting closer to fall here so school stuff is starting to pick up again. On Saturday Meghan had her final Daisy meeting, with the other little girl that did Daisy's independently. They are now officially Brownies and we have our first troop meeting on Friday. I think Meghan is going to like being in a troop with a few other girls. I believe we have about 10 girls in the troop so far. I also had a meeting with the other leaders on Sunday and also my monthly cake club meeting. In the cake club we are getting into the planning for next years cake show as well. That will be in February.

Yesterday I did some running too. I had to do some shopping at walmart and another store. We went to have lunch with Nathan too.

So anyways I do have menu plans but I didn't post them yesterday so here they are!

Monday- chicken taco's
Tuesday- Fresh beans
Wednesday- Tostados
Thursday- meatloaf
Friday- leftovers


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