Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Happenings

We haven't done a whole lot this weekend. We did go to the farmers market yesterday. It was cooler but it was humid so we were sticky pretty quickly. Nathan loves it though, he likes something different than just hot, (his words). :) Today is cloudy again. Let's see the rain!

I made my chicken nuggets yesterday so those are all in the freezer. Today I will get the rest of my peaches frozen. I am not sure what else we have going on yet. I put a roast and carrots and potatoes in the crock pot for later.

Here are a couple pictures though. I took these on Friday. Kaden was trying to put this headband of Meghan's on and then he brought it to me to put on for him. LOL Too funny. I didn't know he knew what a head band was for and he wore it longer than Meghan did at his age :)


Stephenson said...

Great pictures. Your children are so cute!

I made homemade waffles and froze them. Come to find out we are out of maple syrup. Wouldn't a field trip to Vermont be fun to tap a tree for fresh syrup...yum!

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