Thursday, July 3, 2008

Smell the rain?

It's raining! Yes I am excited. I just stuck my head out to look at the lightening and smell some rain. It doesn't take much for me to get excited I guess. I hope it makes tomorrow cooler than they predicted on the news but I won't hold my breath.

Today I took the kids to drop cupcakes off at Nate's work and then we went to the bookstore for my new cookbook by Sally Fallon. Of course Meghan talked me into getting both of them a book too. Then we needed a couple things at Sprouts, then home to cool off from all the running in the heat.

Tonight I decided to try making Pico de Gallo. My friend Tessie from my cake club gave me a bag full of tomatoes! They are great! We have been eating them with every meal. Anyways, I talked Nate into cutting the onion and jalapeno and then i chopped the rest. It is good, maybe a tad hot for me but Nate likes hot foods so I think he will like it a lot.


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