Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Milk day Tuesday

That is what I think of on Tuesday. We always have milk to pick up. :) Today Nate came home late for lunch so I was able to go alone. The place where I pick up the milk is just someone's house. They allow it to be a drop off place and then those of us close go and pick it up shortly after delivery. Beth is the woman that lives there that I see most of the time when I pick it up. She gave me a CD set to borrow by Sally Fallow. She is a Christian woman and very interested in the health of our nation and how we are raising our kids. It was so interesting to me. She talks about the traditional diet and how is was cooked etc. She talks about all the different types of fats we consume and how we have left behind the healthy ones and replaced them with unhealthy, chemically produced ones. Of course she talks about lard and how really good for you it is. Which is amazing to me since I was just talking about that a few days ago. She has a book called Nourishing Traditions that I plan to get this week. She also founded the Weston A. Price Foundation and there is a ton of good information there. Now we have not been buying anymore packaged items if we can help it, but we still have things we were using up. After listening to her lecture though it makes me want to throw the rest of it out. I highly recommend checking out her book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

I've heard that lard is actually easier on the body to digest and breakdown since it is from an animal form. The other stuff like margarine's and such are not good for us. Now I don't feel so bad using lard. LaVonna

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