Friday, July 11, 2008

Peach Jam and more

Well this week seems to have flown by! Last weekend we were able to get a big box of peaches. There is an orchard that opened up in Wickenburg. A mom from one of the homeschool groups was going to go get some so she asked if anyone else wanted any. We didn't want to drive all that way so we were happy about it. Yesterday and today I tried to make peach jam. It was too thin though so I think I have made peach pancake sauce. LOL That's okay. My stove seems to have issues too. It takes forever to boil the huge pot of water. I think that I will probably freeze the rest of the peaches and have to put my canning adventures on hold.
I made a peach crisp this afternoon and I am thinking peach scones sound good. :) I also need to make more crackers and chicken nuggets.

The kids are doing great. Meghan lost another tooth today. I will have to get a new picture later. I also gave her a little reading test I found. She is reading at 6 months into 1st grade level and she hasn't started 1st grade yet. I am happy about that.

We enjoyed the rain last night. Of course it started blowing dirt on the night we decided to go out. We were going to Sprouts when it got real bad, but it was raining by the time we got out. Today with is being overcast still the kids have been able to go outside for a little bit. They really miss playing outside.


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