Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chicken Turtle

While Nathan and my brother Josh were out cutting the hay, Josh found a turtle and gave it to us. We were looking at him and watching him eat. Meghan wanted to know what kind of turtle he was. We assumed he was a box turtle because we know they are in this area a lot. A couple days after they were done with the hay Nate looked up turtles to see if he could figure out what kind he is. We believe he is a chicken turtle. He looks very similar to the pictures we saw for them and also acts like them. They are called a chicken turtle because they are very timid around people but the information also said they will bite easily. They stuck some grass in at him and he did bite it hard. You wouldn't want to stick your finger in there for sure. Meghan took these pictures of him before we let him go.


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