Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fun Day

Yes it's been another little lapse in my posting.. OOPS I just get lost in the busy-ness sometimes. Since my last post my parents-in-law, Lynn and Claudia came to visit. We loved having them visit again so soon. Meghan gets so upset when it is over and is counting down the time until they are here again. That is only a couple weeks away too. We had a great time hanging out with them! I have a few pictures but maybe you can send me some more Claudia? (Please :)) Some are from Nathan's birthday dinner at Red Lobster and Meghan took those.

After they left Nathan started helping to get the hay in with my brother Josh. They worked on that for about a week and have a little more to bring in yet. I have a few pictures that Meghan and I took one morning when we drove the truck out to help pick some up. (I am thinking she may need her own camera soon) Well we didn't do any picking up, I drove with the kids in the truck. Ellie didn't care for it though and started getting upset so we would have only made one run anyways even if the truck hadn't overheated. haha

Here are some more pictures...

Kaden getting into some tight places.

Meghan wanted some pictures of her hair after we french braided it.


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