Monday, June 22, 2009

More from St Louis

Here are some more pictures of our trip to St Louis. Here are just a few shots of the kids. One in the car on the way...

Here are a couple in the hotel room. Kaden loves to name all of Ellie's body parts, so that is what he wanted to do instead of look up for a picture. :)

On the day it rained all day we went to a Japanese Grill restaurant for dinner. Nate has been wanting to take us. It is one of the places where they cook the food right in front of you. It was a lot of fun. Meghan love it and she even had sauce on her chicken! Kaden was concerned with the fire but liked the rest. Ellie slept through most of it which is funny because it is so loud.

On Tuesday we went to The Magic House with my friend Brandi and her son Nate. The Magic House is this huge house full of all kinds of interactive things for the kids to do. They have a bubble room where the kids use different things to blow bubbles, there is a huge water table and a sand box. Here Kaden is playing with a big peg board where they can make shapes and designs and see it on the other side.

Here is Meghan and Nate pulling themselves up on the pully's.

We weighed Ellie in the baby area. haha She is 15 lbs now.

I think my favorite area was where they had all the little shops and things. There was a house, a restaurant, a grocery store, an ice cream cart... so cute. The kids could take orders and serve, play a piano in the house... it was cute!

There are a lot more of course. I could take up some room with all the pictures. :)


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