Friday, June 5, 2009

Kids grow so fast.

Nate and I were talking about how it seems like kids grow faster all the time. (I guess that means we are getting old. I don't feel old but he does. haha) Each time you have a new one they grow faster than the last. Ellie is going on three months now and she loves to sit up (on our laps) and see everything going on. She coos constantly and smiles at everyone. She knows her name well, probably because Meghan plays with her saying her name over and over. It is so fun to see her interact with everyone. She will be out of her 0-3 clothes in no time I bet and I will probably be buying size 2 diapers next time we need some.

Kaden is still my peanut but he is doing so much too. He talks a lot. He loves to play with "Ewwie" (Ellie). His newest phrase is "hurt me", which if you are around us much you know he does hurt himself plenty. He is such a boy. He just "goes for it", whatever that may be. He climbs on everything, jumps off of things, and just loves to run. He wants his shoes off anytime he is inside but thinks he can put on any ones shoes and get to go outside. He loves to be outside, I think he would stay out all the time if I let him. He recently learned to sit on the swing right and get pushed.
Then there is Meghan. She is so much help to me, when she wants to be of course. She is getting that thought kids get when they are a little older, that they don't always want to be bugged by the little kids. She plays really good with Kaden most of the time but she has those times when he just bugs her too much too. I remember feeling like that with my younger brother too as a kid. She amazes me with the things she retains. She asks a lot of questions too which lead us to subjects to cover in school. She will be going into 2nd grade this coming year. Well, we school year round so sometime within the next month or so we will have an end of first grade thing of some sort. Then we'll kick off the new 2nd grade school year shortly after. We recently started using the work box system for her school work and she loves it. I will have to go into more detail on that later. If you can't wait then just google it and you will find a ton of info.


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