Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Uplifting Music

Paint Me In Your Sunshine Video

Paint me in your sunshine
Wake my sleepy eyes
Round me in your comfort
Stay with me for all of time

Reach your hand,
I'll follow
Darken clouds for your rays of hope

So paint me in your sunshine
Walk with me, stay by my side
Fill my head with stories
For love and war and glory

Reach your hand,
I'll follow
Light the path that will lead me home

Oh, oh, Home [x2]

One day the world will grow colder
Everything we've come to cherish crumbles
And only then will we turn back and remember your glow

Paint me in your sunshine
Leave the part of you behind
Tell me where I'll find you
And send me off to another day
Till we meet tomorrow

Reach your hand,
I'll follow
Hold me close till the day that I grow old

This is my favorite song right now, it has been for a few months. It is Paint Me In Your Sunshine by Marie Digby. This song is just very encouraging to me. It reminds me that God is always with us, He has our best interest in mind and someday we'll be with Him in a better place. Different people are encouraged and uplifted by different things and for me, many times, it is music. I hope you like it~

Marie has many songs if you want to listen to others. A couple more I like are Say It Again and her cover of Rhianna's Umbrella.

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Julia said...

beautiful! thanks for sharing that! i'm so glad you've joined along in the blog hop stuff!!

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