Monday, August 24, 2009

Preschool activity bags

I got this idea from Ami at Walking By The Way. I used scrap booking scraps to make mine. I had to color the squares with crayons because our printer is black and white only, although I could have used scraps with the words written there also. There are magnets on the back of each color so that Kaden can play with it on a cookie sheet and they will stick.

I love the idea of the preschool activity bags. It's just another thing we can use to keep him busy and happy. He is so into things and active now that I really have to give him things to do, rather than just letting him play on his own all the time.


Anonymous said...

So fun to see others making these bags, too! :) I should use some scrapbook paper to make something...I haven't scrapped in a few years, and I need to put that paper to use! ;)

Good job & thanks for sharing! :) Ami

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