Saturday, August 22, 2009

New this week...

First I am just going to say that I haven't been posting every day because sometimes my pictures just won't load. Sorry! It is just the unpredictability of out Internet. So today I loaded a picture at a time. You may see more posts from me that don't have pictures though because I would like to have posts more often... Onto the pictures!

Kaden helped me make cookies once last week. I haven't really had only him helping me with baking so that was fun. He wants to help cook and bake all the time so he really enjoyed it. Meghan thought she should do it but I thought just this once we'd let him do it on his own. She helps me all the time with baking.

Meghan working on her spelling. This is the first year that we have had a formal spelling curriculum. She is going to be using for practice too.

Ellie is sitting up more now. She sat up in my lap on the 4th of July but now she is sitting up more on her own. We sit her on the floor in the curve of the boppy pillow so that she won't get hurt when she falls over. She is still kind of wobbly and it's funny to see her fall over when she lunges for something she sees on the floor. She is very happy to be sitting up on her own.

Ellie having cereal again. This time she looks happier about it. She seems to like it. She tried some banana one day and she did not like that. She wouldn't take her spoon anymore. So we'll just stick to cereal for now. I am not pushing solids to hard. I did buy a cool little gadget though. It is a stick blender but it has a small food processor attachment and also a cup to use for smoothies and milk shakes. I am going to use it for making baby food but we have already used it for making my Mother in laws hot sauce. It is a great thing, I love it. I like it so much because it is small and can be used for so many things.


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