Sunday, November 8, 2009

Parent of the year award??

Do you think we should get one? Let me tell you this story and you let me know. Meghan sometimes gets up at night to use the bathroom. No big deal right? Well she gets up and goes to where ever she sees a light first. So tonight we are still awake and she comes into the living room. She kind of stumbles around and gets over to where we are. We are just watching to see what she is doing. She gets into the living room and picks up the tub of toys we keep here and starts to walk away (what was she going to do with that?). Nate grabbed the tub to make sure she doesn't hurt herself and asks her if she is looking for the bathroom. She moans something we can't understand and starts stumbling through the kitchen, running into a chair as she goes. She whines some more and keeps walking into the hall in search of the bathroom. The whole time we start cracking up because it is just so funny to watch her. We never know what she is going to do. She is our nightly entertainment. So does that make us bad parents because we laugh at our kids??? I assure you she has no recollection of it in the morning. Nate thinks we should take video of it. That might be pushing it. ;)Kids are so fun!


Julia said...

that's hilarious. really hilarious. you should totally takea video... just don't tell Meg.

oh, and read my blog today... i also had a doozey of a parenting day!! :)

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