Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Since we are in a new area this year I searched for a few things to do. We were going to go to Tulsa but since we had been there a couple times this week we decided to change it up and go somewhere a tad closer this time. We went to Muskogee. Our first stop was the mall. It's a small town when you compare to Tulsa or Phoenix and the ajoining cities but it's larger than the towns closest to us, so yes they do have a small mall. Some stores are closed and they are doing something not fun to the play area but for this day it worked. The mall hosted a little carnival type thing inside, which I thought was good incase it was raining although it was not. For $5 we bought 20 tickets, this was fine for us because we didn't get there early and only had an hour and a half to play games. The money went to charity so that was nice. The kids played lots of little games, from throwing balls and toilet paper rolls through holes, to spinning a dial to win a prize. There were lots of games and Kaden was even able to play most of them.

Notice Kaden still throwing with his left hand. He is really good with his left too. Meghan used both hands for a long time too. He didn't want to put his costume on. Those two year olds with their opinions! Sheesh!

The Princess had just kicked a ball in this one.

Ellie hanging out in her stroller while they played. Can you guess what she is dressed as?

Both kids playing the shooting game.

After that we took the kids to eat at Rib Crib. We had never been there and it was really good. My Father-in-Law would like it. That's something you have to think about when you live so far from everything too. We have to eat while we are out. There is no running home for lunch and back out to play. Anyway, they had kids meals for .99 and they came with dessert. They both had chocolate ice cream sundae's.

After that we went to find the Muskogee Castle. We were there too early so we left and went to K-Mart for a little bit. Did you know they have lay-away still?? I think I will be going back sometime soon to get some Christmas shopping out of the way. This store was a very nice one compared to some of the others we have been around. Plus every so often they double coupons up to $4. So yes I will be back.
Back to the castle...
We went back to go to Halloweenland. Most of the things they do at the castle for Halloween are scary things but they had this little area for the kids where they played carnival games and earned littles toys (yay not more candy!).

Here is the Castle, although I think those cars parked there kind of ruined my shot. :)

I took some pictures outside...
My little Princess who thought it was very fitting we went to a castle. She always has the perfect pose.

My little Monkey finally decided to put his costume on, (Mickey Mouse was too small for those that I mentioned that to). In this one he is trying to ignore that I am taking pictures. He did that for quite a few pictures actually.

I finally got a bit of a smile here though, and you can see his bruised lip in this one too.

And here is our Pink Poodle! Isn't this the cutest costume!? I am sad i have no reason to keep it and use it again, it's that cute. I didn't cover her feet because the costume was really warm and it was warm outside too. I kept checking of course to make sure they weren't cool and they never were. I did have people concerned about her feet all day though. haha

Here are a few pictures from home with her crawling around.

The back. I don't know if you can tell but she is standing up on everything!

Now into Halloweenland

After they played all the games they had a story read to them. Then they were doing face painting. Meghan had a butterfly on one cheek and a flower on the other. Kaden didn't want it on his face so they put a pumpkin on his hand. They then had a snack of juice and kettle corn.

After that it was still only 7 pm. Trick or Treating in Muskogee was from 6-8 pm so we decided to take Meghan and let her go around some. Kaden and Ellie were tired. They stayed in the car with Nate. Meghan and I walked around a neighborhood for a little bit. Ellie fell asleep almost right away and Kaden watched a video and then fell asleep by the time we were done at 8. It was fun, I got to spend some time one on one with Meghan, who of course chatted the whole time and I got some exercise too! She did really well too. One house they were trying to scare the kids and I warned her about it. So when we got there she didn't even scream! That is huge for Meghan. LOL Of course when we got back in the car to go home Nate teased her saying all they needed to do was tell her "booga booga"!


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