Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins, Pizza and Pioneer Woman

We have had so much going on this week. Some things will wait for my next post. I want The Pioneer Woman to have her own post (haha) but I had to have another P word for that title. You understand right? :)

So we start with Pizza and Pumpkins. The kids helped me shape some pizza dough.

Now I have mentioned this before but the pizza dough and sauce recipe is from econobusters and it is so good! If you try it you will never buy a pizza dough or mix again!

Of course we then carved the pumpkins. We carved two, one the normal way and one with these little push in plastic pieces that Meghan wanted to try. Here are some faces as the kids take out the guts! Meghan says it is "so gross".

We normally do this outside but since it's so wet and rainy here we had to do it inside.

Also because of the rain these pumpkins were never lit.

A couple other things. Meghan made some break and bake sugar cookies and added fall sprinkles.

And we roasted our pumpkin seeds. YUM

Kaden also fell this week running through the house. He busted both lips. The top lip was all bruised and yucky inside and the bottom lip was red and swollen outside. He had a fat lip.. hehe It was pretty gross though and bled quite a bit. He didn't let it stop him for long though.
And this little Baby Doll...

has two teeth coming in! Finally some teeth! I have been worried that this one didn't come with teeth. ;) The other two had teeth coming in around 4-5 months. Ellie is almost 8 months! She has been acting a little upset about them though so she has had some tylenol a couple times to help.


roxybonds said...

looks like lots of fun had :)

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